Reconstruction, modernisation and automation of drives

Reconstruction, modernisation and automation of drives

SEVER ENGINEERING innovative drive solutions designed to meet the demands of Industrial applications.

We carry out the reconstruction, refitting and modernisation of production lines which are optimally aligned to changes in the manufacturing of new types of products, allow greater capacity and a higher degree of automation etc.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the products, drive Solutions and a range of support services to optimize your production processes in order to maximise productivity, energy saving, reduce maintainance costs of plants and equipment, loss of production and operation costs and providing the support  and newest technology to exactly meet your production requirements.

This can be done through modernization of existing equipment, with full and partial refurbishment, or designing totally new systems, scaled to your budget.  We want to meet and exceed your production targets and make your business more profitable.

For new drive systems, we can provide fully engineered turnkey solutions.

Detailed engineering design incorporates drives, motors and automation equipment that meets and improves customer’s quality requirements, Software application development, including Integration with PLC software  and Customized HMI software.