General repairs, monitoring and service

General repairs, monitoring and service

Our Service team provides wide repair, service and maintainance by help of endoscopy,  monitoring with Condition analysis, vibration analysis and thermography for all  industrial gearboxes.

If your gearbox is down, you need it up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repairing an existing gearbox can be a quick and cost effective, compared with a replacement unit.  

Full Services. From on-site services like inspections, maintenance and commissioning, right up to gearbox repair, manufacturing of gears and gearbox components.

Inspection Reports generally include a repair proposal, but where a failure is causing lost of production, we enter into a more fluid dialogue with our customer.

Damaged components may be replaced with OEM sourced spares or where necessary with reverse-engineered parts.

When you are in need of a special gearbox for your installation, a custom built gearbox is sometimes the only option if you do not want to change the design of your application. We are able to design and build a custom gearbox that fits seamlessly into your design withouth any processing.