Linear systems

Linear drives and solutions

What are the traditional technologies available for actuated force applications that an engineer might consider? An increasingly cost efficient  alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic actuation is to use linear actuators. In general, for what types of applications would I use an linear actuator? How does an electromechanical cylinder work, and what are its capabilities?

SEVER ENGINEERING designs and manufactures linear drive solutions  with screw jack and electromechanical cylinders, as alternative solutions to hydraulic systems. The machines are custom built according to customer designs and projects or are fully designed at SEVER ENGINEERING, based on the customer’s specifications.

You need a solution for your production line, or alternative solutions to hydraulic systems?

Then our engineers will develop, design and build an innovative and cost-efficient solution for you.

As official distributor of leading worldvide manufacturer, company SERVOMECH from Italy,  we are offering  products, engineering solutions as well as complete turnkey solutions to it`s customers world-wide.