Special gears

SEVER ENGINEERING is the ideal partner qualified for custom design and construction of mid and large-sized gear components that require high quality standards.

Thanks to the important experience, we are able to assist our customers from the engineering to the after sales.

We take care for your geared parts completely, including material procurement, mechanical machining, heat treatment including test certificates etc. You have no logistical effort and save time and money.

Our goal goes far beyond simply performing the high-quality machining requested. Our know-how gives the company possibility to improve products or to offer alternative solutions, to optimize or to innovate.

Regarding spare parts we manufacture new gear components in original quality, according to specifications or according to samples provided by you.

We also offer a repair service for worn gear components, which can be used over an even longer term following a mechanical overhaul.


Internal gear cutting (gear shaping)


Min diameter ø 100 mm

Min diameter ø 500 mm

Max diameter ø 3.500 mm

Max diameter ø 1.600 mm

Max modul 36 mm

Min modul 10 mm

Max modul 45 mm

External gear cutting (gear hobbing)

GRINDING EXTERNAL TEETH (Profile grinding beveled and straight)

Min diameter ø 100 mm

Min diameter ø 200 mm

Max diameter ø 6.000 mm

Max diameter ø 3.800 mm

Max modul 36 mm

Face width: 1500mm

Max modul 36 mm

Shafts / pinions straight cut and helical gears

High-precision worm gears

Module:  max.30mm

patented high-precision worm gear set where the backlash can be set and adjusted.

Diameter:  max.1600mm

Ring gear diameter: max.3300mm

Cutting length:  max.5000mm

Worm diameter: max.600mm

Gripping length: max.6500mm

Ratio:  max. 1:700mm


Chain gears

Min diameter ø 100 mm

Min diameter ø 200 mm

Max diameter ø 800 mm

Max diameter ø 3.800 mm

Max modul 18 mm

Face width: 1500mm