Industrial automation


• Preparing conceptual design for the best technical solution, based on a client’s wishes and requirements, which already takes into account all the physical limitations, as well as a rough estimate of required technical equipment
• Production of electrical wiring diagrams with the distribution of elements in control cabinets and counters
• Production and binding of control cabinets, control counters, and other devices
• Production of a control cabinet with all the cuttings, lighting, air conditioning, filters, fans, etc.
• Installation of the elements on the mounting plate in accordance with the electrical documentation
• Wiring of all the elements and of the entire control to the terminals or connectors
• Production of basic software for the functional operation of the designed control (PLC program)
• Production of a software for HMI interface with graphic symbols and pictures
• Testing of the control’s basic functional operation and protection
• Inspection and measurement of machinery and equipment at the customer
• Testing and setting of all limit values and reference positions on the device