Direct current DC motors


The DC motor remains still the first choice in various industrial sectors due to its compactness, reliability, the excellent price- performance ratio. The high efficiency, high dynamic performance, the large range of variation of speed available with the preservation of the load or overload applied, make the DC motor an essential component in modern industrial plants.

Range of motors with powers from 1 to 2300 kW, referred to 1000 rpm.

Flexibility, reliability, energy saving

Advantages to the user

The direct current drive system offers various advantages, which produce significant installation and operational cost savings:
• Simple motor control and converter programming: simple solutions to complex regulation problems
• Wide speed range and smooth operation up to very low speeds: easily adaptable to all operating needs
• Speed regulation at constant torque/power: reduced converter power and size
• High dynamic response: motors characterized by a low inertia, and therefore by faster duty cycles and lower startup currents; easily adaptable to applications with fast load and speed variations
• Smooth rotation: reduced system mechanical stress
• Compact construction: significant space savings
• Energy savings: both motor and converter characterized by a high efficiency; energy recovery through electrical braking
• Compliance to the applicable Standards and directives on electromagnetic-compatibility; savings on systems for the reduction of electromagnetic emissions
• High reliability with a simple maintenance program, and significant cost savings
• Easy availability of spare parts and components with a great reduction in down time.