Custom made electric motors


The SEVER ENGINEERING in-house modification center provides more on-demand customization, including voltage re-rates, faster and with greater flexibility than our competition so that you can free up internal resources, reduce downtime, and maximize your bottom line.

From simple modifications to large-scale projects, SEVER motors is on-hand to provide you and your application with factory-direct engineering expertise through design, manufacture and final delivery.

Standard / Typical Modifications:

  • C-Face and D-Flange Conversion
  • Bearings Conversion
  • F1/F2 Conversion
  • Drip Cover Installation
  • Thermal Protection and Space Heaters Installation
  • Terminal Board Installation
  • Turn Down the Shaft
  • End Shaft Drilling
  • Increased Protection IP65, IP66, IP68
  • Custom Motors:
  • Non-Standard Frame
  • Non-Standard Rating
  • Special Shaft
  • Special Flanges
  • Special Machining
  • Additional Built-In Equipment
  • Duty Cycle (other than continuous duty)
  • Customized Enclosure