Asynchronous electric motors Seipee


Asynchronous three-phase standardized electric motor for general purposes in industrial applications, with squirrel-cage rotor, totally enclosed, externally fan-cooled, Rating and performance in compliance with: IEC 60034-1.



Standardized sizes: IEC56-IEC450
Power: 0.09kW-1000kW
Single polarity: 2, 4, 6, 8

Main characteristics:
Protection IP 55, insulation class F, continuous running duty S1. Housing in die-cast aluminium light alloy and detachable feet or cast iron for sizes >160
Stiff, radial, single-crowned ball bearings with double-shield (ZZ) and life- long lubrication
Suitable in applications where supply by inverter is required
Asynchronous three phase brake motor for industrial applications, totally enclosed, externally fan-cooled.

  • Brake power by alternating current A.C.
  • Brake powered by direct current D.C.

Protection IP 55, Thermal insulation class F, Duty S1, Motor frame cast iron, Brake supply from separate line.

Sizes : 180 …  280
Powers : 15 kW … 55 kW
Braking torque : 130 Nm … 600Nm
Poles : 2, 4, 6, 8