Special and custom made gearboxes

Special and custom made gearboxes

Special and custom made gearboxes for the industry

Gear reducers and multipliers, special mechanical power transmissions for -smal and large-sized industrial applications.

In designing and production of gear boxes SEVER ENGINEERING combines the knowledge and technology of the world's largest producers of gears and gear reducers.

With experience, knowledge, modern program packages for calculation and high technological capacities of our partners, that facilitate  manufacture of the most diversified gears and gear boxes types with fulfillment of all technical requirements of the Customer.

we design and supply highly customized gears and gearboxes for several industries:

  • for the industry of steel and aluminum, hot and cold rolling mill stands, shears, pinion stands, twin drives, etc…
  • for the paper industry, with gearboxes for dryers, CC-Rolls, suction presses, former rolls, pulpers, etc…
  • for power plants, with gearboxes for coal mills for thermal power plants and with speed increasers with horizontal and vertical shafts for water turbines and for wind generators
  • for the industry of rubber and plastic, with gearboxes for shreders, mixers and extruders
  • for the oil & gas industry, with gearboxes for compressors and for pumps drive both horizontal and vertical, even ATEX compliant upon request
  • for hoisting equipment, with gearboxes for travelling cranes, winches (also with differential gears), capstans drives
  • for the sugar industry, with screw press drives, diffusors and conveyers
  • for the industry of minerals and cement and for material handling equipment, with gearboxes for mills, stackers/reclaimers, conveyors, bucket elevators, ship loaders and unloaders, bucket wheel drives, etc…
  • for pumping stations, with gearboxes for pump drives and for water treatment plants, with mixers drives

Gear units production types

Helical and bevel-helical gear units:
Gear stages 1 to 10  stages
Power ratings up to 7MW
Transmission ratios i = 1 … 10000
Nominal torques up to 3.000.000 Nm            

Planetary gear units:
Gear stages 1 to 10  stages
Power ratings up to 7000 kW
Transmission ratios i = 1 ... 150000
Nominal torques up to 3.000.000 Nm
High speed gear units & multipliers:
1 or 2 stages
Power ratings up to 5000 kW
Transmission ratios i = 1 … 10
Input speed up to 10000 rpm          

Special structure gears units:
Designed and manufactured by the customer's requirements