Standard industrial gearboxes



    For over 60 years, Rossi have been world leader in the manufacture of gear reducers, gearmotors and electric motors, used in the most demanding applications.
    Our special motors for heavy-duty services, our range of helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors as well as coaxial gear reducers and gearmotors have been specially developed to meet the demanding needs of roller way applications.
    Whatever the gear unit or gearmotor your technology requires, Rossi's qualified staff will support you providing assistance and creating innovative solutions during the design stage.

    All the gearings - with external toothing, cylindrical, helical and spiral cone ones - manufactured by Rossi Group feature ground surfaces with strict tolerance class (DIN 6) and special surface finishing with profile and helix angle corrections optimized to counterbalance elastic deformation under load. Casings are designed based on specific criteria aimed at maximizing rigidity and containing weight.

    Casings, there including very large ones, are processed with state-of-the-art machine tools so as to meet the strictest precision requirements. This is why our gear reducers can boost top performance and overall rigidity without compromising compact dimensions, reduced noise emission and low energy consumption.