Hydrodinamic couplings


The fluid coupling is a hydrokinetic transmission that allows the driver to start under “no load”, resulting in a smooth start up and reduction of current draw from the motor.  The Fluid coupling has built-in overload protection and inherent torsional vibration absorption.
They are also available certified according to directive 94/9/EC (Atex) covering all categories.

Features & Benefits:
•    Up to 200mm bore capacity
•    Up to 2000 kW power rating
•    Overload protection
•    Starting power adjustable from 120 - 250% of full torque load torque
•    The fluid coupling with constant filling
•    Variable fill fluid couplings


Especially within tough applications, drive components and processing machines are subject to extreme loads. FLUDEX couplings limit start and maximum torque within the drive train and serve as starting aids for the motor and as overload protection in the case of an incident. They also provide damping and separation of rotary oscillation, thereby reducing restoring forces to a minimum.

Main features:

• Rated power from 1.2 kW to 2500 kW with 15 sizes

• Temperature range: -40 ° C to +50 ° C


1. K series; The TRANSFLUID coupling is a constant filling type comprising of three main elements:

Driving impeller (pump) mounted on the input shaft.
Driven impeller (turbine) mounted on the output shaft.
Cover, flanged to the output impeller, with an oil-tight seal.

The first two elements can work both as pump and/or turbine.

Features and benefits:

• Shafts of diameter up to 200 mm

• Up to 2000 kW power

• Overload protection

• Adjustable starting power of 120 - 250% of the full torque of the torque load

2. KSL series; TRANSFLUID variable fill fluid hidraulic couplings.

Transfluid has designed their KSL series variable fill fluid coupling to overcome problems experienced at “start up” and “speed variation” operation for medium and high power machines, driven by electric motors and internal combustion engines.

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