Brake systems

Brake systems

Failsafe Shoe and disc Brakes

Failsafe Shoe Brakes as per DIN 15435 standard, with electrohydraulic a.c. Thrusters and with external adjustable main spring set.
These are intended to be safety/emergency brakes i.e. spring actuated and hydraulically released. High environment protection grade (IP56) and robust construction make these units suitable for any hard industrial application.

• a.c. electrohydraulic Thruster (IP.65, class F)
• Aluminium DIN 15435 brake Shoes with steel bushings
• Asbestos free linings with theoretical friction coefficient μ = 0,43
• Galvanized pins
• Self lubricating bushes on main pins
• Galvanized pins, tie rods, and small items
• Epoxy antisalt paint final colour
• Cast iron levers and base for models from diameter 160 mm to diameter 500 mm included
• Steel levers and base for models diameters 630 mm and 710 mm (the steel base, unlike the cast iron base, must be totally in contact with the floor)

Main Features DISC BRAKE

• Compact dimensions
• Ideal for belt conveyors in combination with long stroke thrusters
• Sintered linings for high friction speeds
• Organic, non-asbestos linings for low friction speeds
• Continuously adjustable brake spring with torque scale and wear bushing enclosed in a spring tube
• Stainless steel pins and spindles
• Maintenance-free bushings in all hinge points
• Right or left-hand design


• Automatic wear compensator
• Limit switch release control
• Limit switch wear control
• Limit switch manual release
• Manual release lever with or without lock
• Brake discs with hubs or couplings